My expertise in jewellery was gained working at Makers Mark Jewellers located in Collins Street,  Melbourne and in Castlereigh St, Sydney.  Makers Mark was a national icon in the jewellery industry in Australia. Makers Mark specialized in handcrafted jewellery and also showcased exquisite sculptures, glass, ceramics and objects of art created by talented artisans living in Australia.

I had the pleasure of selling precious jewellery designed and created with mother natures most exquisite gems:

  • South Sea Pearls from Broome, Australia and Tahiti
  • Pink Argyle diamonds from Western Australia
  • Diamonds in various colours and sizes
  • Natural gemstones from around the world

Clients commissioned me to design and collaborate with  jewellers to create one-off pieces of jewellery with a difference.  This jewellery reflected  uniqueness to the clients.

My passion and committment to design excellence enabled me to win the Makers Mark Aurias diamond engagement ring award.  The competition was held in conjunction with BHP Billiton.  The winning design was understated, paying attention to balance and proportion. Timeless quality.  Alexx jewellery is based on this design philosophy.  The jewellery is handcrafted in Australia.

ALEXX Jewellery will bring you joy and pleasure for years to come.

ALEXX Jewellery is available for you to purchase from the Jewellery Store.  Enjoy your shopping experience.






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